January 24, 2018


SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS is a very direct and simple SHOW ENGINE statement to display InnoDB Monitor output. The output of this query is quite detailed and exhaustive, It has wealth of information to troubleshoot […]

Storing numbers wisely in MySQL !

Generally we have two kinds of numbers, Whole numbers and real numbers (numbers with Fractional units). When we are using whole numbers the natural choice is TINYINT, SMALLINT, MEDIUMINT, INT and BIGINT. These datatypes require […]

MySQL Performance Optimization Checklist

I always thought of maintaining the checklist for MySQL Performance Optimization, This actually helps me to draw the first line of action items and developing scope at advanced stages. Optimizing at the Database LevelThe most important […]

MySQL 8 new features I will be using often

MySQL 8 is incorporated with numerous features which excites all enthusiastic MySQL Database Architects / DBAs / Database Engineers / DBA Managers, I am attracted to few of them which will make my day-to-day MySQL […]