January 24, 2018

Storing numbers wisely in MySQL !

Generally we have two kinds of numbers, Whole numbers and real numbers (numbers with Fractional units). When we are using whole numbers the natural choice is TINYINT, SMALLINT, MEDIUMINT, INT and BIGINT. These datatypes require […]

Cost of Data Outage

Introduction  I spend most of my professional life consulting for Internet/Mobility/SaaS companies across Southeast Asia, MiddleEast and US as MySQL Architect, I am accountable for MySQL Infrastructure Operations, Site Reliability, Performance, Scalability and High Availability […]

Life of MySQL DBA

Introduction What is it like being a MySQL DBA? It is interesting and challenging!  A MySQL DBA is accountable equally for technology and business operations. Everyone agrees the accountability for technology operations but few asked […]

MySQL 8 new features I will be using often

MySQL 8 is incorporated with numerous features which excites all enthusiastic MySQL Database Architects / DBAs / Database Engineers / DBA Managers, I am attracted to few of them which will make my day-to-day MySQL […]