January 24, 2018


Hiring and retaining a seasoned Sr. MySQL DBA is expensive and exhaustive. Here comes MinervaSQL core competency, We have expertise in managing elite-class MySQL DBAs for several years and our consultants are experienced in architecting and building database infrastructure operations for planet-scale internet properties from diversified verticals like CDN, Mobile Advertisement Networks, E-Commerce, Social Media Applications, Gaming, SaaS and Digital Payment Solutions. Many companies actually don’t need a full-time resident Sr. Level DBA so they need expertise only on-demand, We are pioneers in providing on-demand seasoned Sr. MySQL DBAs cost efficiently, You pay us only for the hours we have consulted and this makes us affordable for startups and large enterprises equally. Our highly professional MySQL DBA consulting team works as your extended team and committed to your business success .

Consulting and professional services

  • Vendor neutral and independent consulting and professional services for MySQL, MariaDB and Percona Server
  • Performance benchmarking – We do stress testing of the system proactively to avoid incidents which can directly impact your business
  • Capacity planning and sizing – Not more nor less, We size your systems optimally and this include recommendations on CPU, memory, storage and network
  • Performance health check, diagnostics and forensics – We will be first the one to know your performance bottleneck and fix before it become ugly.
  • Performance optimization and tuning – We do full-stack optimization which include Linux, MySQL and PHP also
  • Disk I/O tuning – We are experts in designing optimal storage infrastructure architecture and disk I/O distribution
  • SQL tuning – We are experts in re-writing your SQL for performance, Indeed we often see the major performance improvements by just tuning expensive SQL.
  • Designing optimal schema, indexes and SQL – Design and build optimal schema and SQL for performance and scalability
  • Partitioning and archiving solutions –  Building systems horizontally scalable for web-scale platforms
  • Scale-out and replication solutions We build horizontally scalable systems which are highly available too
  • Sharding and horizontal partitioning solutions – Building systems horizontally scalable and reliable across multiple-DC for web-scale platforms
  • Clustering solutions – Grow your MySQL infrastructure horizontally for performance, scalability and reliability
  • High Availability and SRE – Architecting and building highly available and reliable database infrastructure operations  for web-scale
  • Data recovery services – Building robust disaster recovery solutions, zero data loss systems and multi-location backup retention
  • Database upgrades and migration – Seamless upgrades and migration of database infrastructure on zero downtime

MinervaSQL Benefits

  • Virtual corporation with an global team of seasoned professionals – We have consultants operating from multiple locations worldwide, All of us work from home and stay connected via email, Google Hangouts, private IRC and phone. Being an virtual corporation we can hire the best talent from anywhere in the world, This makes an truly 24*7 operational team.
  • Competitive pricing – We are an virtual corporation so we don’t charge the customers for our infrastructure cost, What you pay us goes purely for our unmatched technology team.
  • We operate 24*7 – Our team operates from multiple locations worldwide so we are available 24*7
  • Pay As You Go billing model – You pay us only for the hours worked, We don’t ask for advances ever !! We are committed to delivering cost efficient consulting, support and services for our customers globally.
  • Transparent ticketing system – We share with you the detailed work report of what we have done for your database infrastructure, This also includes how you will get benefitted with change we have done. We love absolutes transparency and detailed documentation
  • Emergency support available for you even when you are not our customer, Emergency support channels – Email, Slack, Google Hangouts and Phone
  • Pay per incident option available – You need our support in just fixing a single incident ? No problem, We have that option available.
  • Vacation DBA Service – We can support your database infrastructure operations when the resident DBA is on a holiday / vacation so you can guarantee an optimal work-life balance for your DBA

Technology focus – Vendor neutral and independent

  • Linux – Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat Linux and Oracle Linux
  • MySQL GA
  • MySQL Enterprise
  • MySQL NDB Cluster
  • MariaDB
  • MariaDB MaxScale
  • Percona Server
  • Percona XtraDB Cluster
  • InnoDB / XtraDB
  • TokuDB
  • MyRocks
  • RocksDB
  • Galera Cluster
  • MHA (Master High Availability Manager and tools for MySQL)
  • Continuent Tungsten
  • HAProxy
  • ProxySQL
  • MySQL Router
  • MySQL Logical Backup, MySQL Enterprise Backup, MySQLDumper, XtraBackup and MariaDB Backup
  • ClickHouse

To engage MinervaSQL for consulting and professional services please book for an appointment here or send email to contact@minervasql.com